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Mosaic workshops

Mosaic is a durable, beautiful and expressive art form.

๏      It gives identity to an area

๏      It withstands vandalism and is a lasting record of the talents of the participants.

๏      It is an accessible process.  With guidance, everyone can contribute to the project in a satisfying way.

๏      Mosaic can also be a skillful and disciplined process.

๏      Skills learned & developed include design, cutting tile & ceramic, using professional tools, collaboration.

๏      It is a sustainable art form using recycled materials wherever possible.  

Mosaic can range from a 10x10cms individual piece to a large scale external mosaic.  Smaller pieces include small one-off individual pieces to take home eg a tile size piece or a mirror surround or a small collaborative piece such as a simple sign onto marine ply eg for the entrance to a play area.

Larger mosaics, internal or external, are a collaborative project involving a commitment of time and ‘people hours’.  The results can be stunning.

Artspokes works with experienced mosaic artists.

Community mosaics workshops are best suited for ages 6+ and a group size of 10.

Are you interested in a mosaic or mosaic workshop?  Contact ArtSpokes for more information.

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