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Mayflower Primary School

Made two folded concertina recipe booklets – SNACK RECIPES 1 & 2  with healthy versions of popular snacks plus ideas for very quick snacks and healthy tips. The recipes were contributed by parents, children and staff.  32 children in Year 4 took part with their teacher.

Year 4 ran the Mayflower Masterchef Competition with two Masterchef Challenges.  The competing parents and children cooked at home, photographed the making of their dishes and then brought their dishes into school for the Masterchef Competition.  The children tasted and photographed the Masterchef dishes, made fruit sculptures, designed logos for their recipe leaflets, laid out recipe sheets on the computer and learnt to use Brushes on ipad.  Each child contributed a drawing of their favourite healthy snack.  Six children took part in a cookery class in school with creating healthy versions of two dishes which they then shared with classmates.

The recipes included in the Mayflower Recipe Sheets are a selection from the recipes contributed by parents and children to the competition and were chosen by the Class Teacher, Healthy Schools Advisor and ArtSpokes with the advice of the Schools Nutritionist.  1000 copies of their Snack Recipes were printed and given to every family in school.  Children also presented 500 recipe booklets to Newby Health Centre in their Assembly when prizes were also awarded to the Masterchef winners.  
Try one of their recipes   here
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