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Who helped us?

Local health workers, clinicians and health organisations supported Banana Bytes during the course of the year with talks to parents and children, health advice, information on designing questionnaires and help with gathering feedback. They also checked content of recipe books and videos. We thank them for their contribution. 

The organisations  which  were important to Banana Bytes were the Healthy Lives Team, the Health Trainers, the Dieticians and the four local health centres: Chrisp Street, Newby Place, St Andrews and Bromley-by-Bow.

These organisations were a vital source of health advice and knowledge.  They were also central to the Campaign, distributing the booklets and showing the videos to the public. Inviting children to the centres, displaying their designs and allowing us to to collect feedback from the families in the clinics.  Recipe booklets and multiple copies of the videos were given to the Health Centres, Healthy Lives Team and Health Trainers.
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