Creative ICT

Over the course of three afternoons, the children were able to get to grips with a complex drawing program and use it to start creating vector drawings based on sketches they had made of their bikes.  The loved learning the new skills required ....

to use the program and soon got the hang of creating wonderful drawings.  After just three sessions, they are now able to use many of the tools in the program independently and confidently.  With this being a free program, the hope is that they continue to use these skills at home and even show others how to use it.  

ICT co-ordinator at Cyril Jackson School

The pupils really enjoyed working with Sarah.  They commented on how nice it was to work with a real designer and use professional design software.  During the day the pupils learnt lots of new skills which they could apply when making their artwork.  At the end, they were so proud of their final products!  

Year 3 Teacher, Culloden Primary School

Our Artspokes workshop was both fun and informative. It allowed the children be creative and to fully realise their designs using professional technology. The class were very pleased with their finished products though I am sure they would have loved even more time perfecting them and exploring the software. I would recommend Artspokes to other schools.  

Year 3 Teacher, St Andrews  Church of England Primany School

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