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A new floor is an opportunity to add design and colour and involve the whole school

Welcoming spaces for children, parents and staff in the reception and playground entrance corridor of a primary school in London. The three themes, Where We Live, Who We Are and What We Do, were chosen by the school and the floors were laid in the school holidays as part of a refurbishment of the school reception.

'A spectacular flooring design chosen by pupils has been cut using Forbo Flooring and has been installed in a primary school in Tower Hamlets.

When creating the main reception and welcome area within Kobi Nazrul Primary school its pupils, aged between 3 and 11 years, were encouraged to take part in the refurbishment project along with local designer Sarah Hammond.  The objective of the new flooring was to represent the school's vision of life long learners and endorse its connection with the outside community.

The chosen flooring design consisted of three themes reflected in a combination of circles.  The three panels are very personal to the school, depicting the area around them through the welcoming artwork." Forbo Nairn


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