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In the current 2013-14 curriculum, these are the main Key Stage 2 Objectives ArtSpokes' covers in the sessions.  We will be linking to objectives in the New Curriculum once these are finalised. 

Curriculum 2013-14

Objective 2 Developing ideas and making things happen:
a) organising and reorganising text and images
Objective 3 Exchanging and Sharing information:
a) children share information by designing posters, brochures or stickers
b) consider the audience and think carefully about quality and content
Objective 4 Reviewing, modifying and evaluating work as it progresses:
a-c) children review what they and others have done in the course of the sessions and talk about its effectiveness and the impact made by their work on classmates, parents and school.
Objective 5 Breadth of Study
Children develop knowledge, skills and understanding through:
a) working with a range of information on their theme.  They are encouraged to do their own research on the internet outside the session individually and as a group
b) working with others to explore a variety of ICT tools - they use graphics software and learn graphic skills to design 
Cross reference to English - children make a preparatory design and develop their initial ideas including writing, developing their idea on the computer, and discuss and evaluate their own and other’s work.
Cross reference to mathematics - make shapes to a specific size, use segments and degrees of a circle.
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