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The ArtSpokes project is tuned to your children’s ICT skills.The initial session recaps on essential ICT skills  and introduces the basic skills needed for the project. During the sessions we reinforce vocabulary and key words verbally and visually.  

Some of the specific ICT Skills we cover are:
  • Drawing - colouring, scaling, rotating and distorting shapes and fonts.
  • Adding outlines - a gradient and an effect.  Grouping shapes.
  • Making patterns - Keyboard shortcuts (cheats!)
At start and end of project children can do a short online questionnaire to establish their ICT skills.   ArtSpokes can give your school a brief ‘at a glance’ written report on the project to record their progress.  We have found that this is useful for the school, class teacher and ArtSpokes.
Group size - from 8 to whole class.
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