A new campaign to promote Healthy Eating in East London.

Banana Bytes is a new Healthy Eating project in East London

Designed to help tackle the high level of child obesity in Tower Hamlets by enabling local children, parents and primary schools to create their own Healthy Eating Campaign.  The project is a six-month pilot involving five primary schools centered on Chrisp Street Market, E14, and will culminate in an event in the market in December 2014. 

We have a celebratory chef on board to add spice and fun and the material produced by the children in Banana Bytes has the potential to be shared across the borough and become a model for similar projects.

What will the children, parents, schools make?
Campaign posters, leaflets, recipes, animations and video to promote Healthy Eating.  Knowledge and information on Healthy Eating will be presented in a fun, meaningful, accessible and culturally relevant way devised by the children, parents and schools with the help of ArtSpokes and the Healthy Lives Team.   Each school’s contribution will be reproduced professionally and distributed to local health centres, pharmacies, library (Idea Store) within a two-mile radius of the schools. 

Children and Schools as Changemakers
Banana Bytes builds on the ‘Report on the Healthy Borough Programme 2013, ‘a more community led and whole system approach … is the best way to achieve a transformation of population health.’   The government project, Change 4 Life, also acknowledges children and schools ‘as important change makers within the family unit.’ 

What has happened so far?
Banana Bytes startedin the second half of the summer term 2014 at Bygrove and Mayflower Primary Schools.  It will continue in September at Woolmore and Manorfield Primary Schools.   Each school has chosen their own way of contributing to the Healthy Eating Campaign to best benefit their school and community.  
Banana Bytes has the support of the Tower Hamlets Healthy Lives Team, Community Nutrition & Dietetics Team (Bart’s Health NHS) and local NHS Health Centers.  The Network for Social Change is generously supporting the project.   

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