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We think that everyone can contribute to shaping and creating their environment whether it be within a hospital, school, a Day Care Centre, a public space such as a park or street or a virtual environment.  Our aim is to help them do so by bringing art into the community.

Whether we are working on a large scale commission, a community project or running a workshop, for us engaging people and encouraging exchange, enjoyment and understanding between people through art is as important as the art itself.  

When commissioned to create a floor design for a hospital or a mosaic in a playground, our first step is to find out about the needs and expectations of those who will be working in, or using, the public space. 

We run community art projects and workshops with children and young people as well as the older and more vulnerable, including those with special needs, learning difficulties or other language barriers. Sarah  says, “being involved in my own community in Whitechapel has reinforced how valuable it can be making art together”.

We encourage people, especially  young people, to have a voice and recent projects have centred on teaching and using digital media in a creative and skilful way to change views and promote issues important to the young people.  

We have worked on art projects with museums and galleries, including the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Tate Gallery in London, and the innovative intergenerational organisation, ‘Magic Me’.

We have a strong commitment to promoting  environmentally friendly ways of sourcing energy and materials wherever possible.

ArtSpokes artists have a current CRB and 5 million public liability insurance.

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